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Our mission is to provide the best wild caught, cage free sweet potato products direct to Chefs and Kitchens that give a shitake about serving the best foods to their guests.

We’re a “farm to kitchen” company that specializes in growing Non-GMO sweet potatoes and turning them into a wide array of sweet potato based products such as fries, toast, bruschetta, pancake mixes and seafood breader. We create the perfect superfood based ingredients for your masterpieces, deliver them directly to your kitchen door and help your team cook it. All of our products are certified Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Vegan and Halal.

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All of our products are made from Non-GMO Sweet Potatoes which are Grown on Local Farms.







Our Story

Stolon Superfoods was born in the fields of North Carolina with the goal to grow, harvest and cure Non-GMO sweet potatoes that could be used to create a Zero-Waste Sweet Potato Superfood Product Line.

A sweet potato is different from a white potato in many ways and nutritionally is exponentially better for you than a white potato. Unlike a white potato, however, the sweet potato comes out of the field in many different sizes from very small to very large which typically creates a lot of by-product waste. Traditionally, only 50%-60% of the sweet potatoes from the fields are suitable for sale to a grocery store or restaurant. The remaining 50% are used to make products like sweet potato fries and then only about 65% of those make it into a finished fry.

Stolon has created a sweet potato product line including fresh, fries, toast and flour, which utilizes all of the various sweet potato sizes harvested from each field of sweet potatoes.

Fresh sweet potatoes are typically used for baked sweet potatoes and dicing for salads. The very large and the very small sweet potatoes are used to make sweet potato fries and sweet potato toast. The pieces of sweet potato left over from the fry making process are used to make sweet potato flour and a line of sweet potato based mixes, such as waffle, pancake and breader.

Our Sweet Potato Superfood product line is delivered directly to restaurant kitchens straight from the fields, packing facility and fry plant, all of which are located in the heart of sweet potato country, Eastern North Carolina (interesting fact: 50% of all sweet potatoes are grown in Eastern North Carolina). Every Superfood Truck is manned by a former Chef that can help a restaurant with its sweet potato product R&D and/or cooking details.

All of our sweet potato products are locally grown, delivered direct and supported by trained Superfood Technicians on the Superfood Trucks.

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